12 Healthy food for Weight loss : There are many different foods available which completely different hunger effects, hormones, and different levels of calories to burn. Each has different metabolic pathways.

There is various friendly weight-loss food that helps better work the metabolic rate and digestive system, which further results in weight loss of the body.

Best 15 Friendly Healthy Food for Weight Loss recommended by experts and science.

Whole Eggs

Whole Eggs

Eggs are an excellent filler and best in case of nutrients. If we compare to different refined carbs such as eggs, bagels which helps in appetite and further result in weight loss. But in the case of some people, high intake may give rise to bad cholesterol, still considered one of the best food for weight loss of body. It is due to the content of a good amount of protein. Many researchers figure out that eating an egg for breakfast makes them feel full for the next 36 hours. You will feel about eating significantly less from the coming 36 hours, which results in weight loss of body.

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