Banana stem in yellow colour is good or bad for eating

Is Banana stem in yellow colour is good or bad for eating? Banana complete part such as fruit, stem, leaf are used, and it is suitable for health.

All the part of the Banana is full of healthy nutrients and provide significant vitamins.

Banana plays a vital role in making the body healthy by increasing immune level and metabolic rate.

Banana is a good source of many vitamins and potassium.

The flower of Banana is good in the case of people with diabetes and also used for anti-ageing.

There are many good benefits of using the banana stem.

From the below points, you come to know. Banana stem in yellow colour is good or bad for eating.

Banana stem in yellow colour is good or bad for eating

Help in making better digestion and good detoxification.

Banana stem juice is good for health.

It helps to remove all the toxins from the body.

Due to diuretic, it clean body system from ailments.

The juice is good in the digestive system and contains good fibre, which helps for good bowl movement.

Helps in improve and cure kidney stone.

Cardamom is good for health and essential in preventing many diseases.

Many people add cardamom to making foods.

Adding the cardamom in banana stem juice helps relaxes the bladder and prevent form pain in kidney stones.

Intake of stem juice with few drops of lime juice every day helps in preventing kidney stones.

Good for Weight loss : Banana stem in yellow colour is good or bad for eating

Banana stem is with fibre and helps in decreasing sugar release and the fats present in body cells.

It improve metabolic rate and digestion, further results in weight loss.

Manage blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Banana stem is with Vitamin B6, a good amount of iron and help in increasing the rate of a count of hemoglobin.

It also contains potassium, which helps in treating blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Cure Problem of gastric and Acidity.

If you have a problem with acidity and the gastic, you can take banana stem juice, which helps maintain acidity level.

It also helps you relieve heartburn and burn in the tummy.


With the help of the above points regarding the benefits of banana stem, you come to know good or bad.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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