How much water should you drink: Your water requirements for the day vary in proportion to your height as well as your level of activity and the climate. A man who weighs 150 pounds is more hydrated than a woman of 100 pounds.

If you consume more water the more likely to shed weight. However, the more water you consume in a day, the more weight you’ll shed. In general, it’s recommended to drink between eight and ten glasses of water per day.

8 Essential factors How much water should you drink

How much water should you drink

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Apart from drinking water, consider eating foods that contain a lot of water. Additionally, you can add fruits into your drinks to give you an additional energy boost from H2O. Don’t be fooled into thinking drinking water alone will aid in losing weight. A comprehensive approach is essential to achieve lasting weight loss. Below are some suggestions to help your body stay hydrated. Try adding fruits to your drink to increase the amount of nutrients.

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