How to destroy bundles of ants under banana trees

Everyone has a question of How to destroy bundles of ants under banana trees?

There are lots of benefits regarding all the parts of banana trees.

All parts of the banana tree are used by humans in their daily needs and specialize in making the health of the body good.

But due to certain things such bundle of ants, banana trees get harm.

There is a solution to overcome this problem.

With the help of the below point, you can get How to destroy bundles of ants under banana trees.

To destroy the bundle of ants, you can use cornmeal.

How to destroy bundles of ants under banana trees
How to destroy bundles of ants under banana trees

It is terrific to kill ants using cornmeal.

Nothing worked such poison, bait as compared to cornmeal.

The use of this cornmeal comes from older times.

You have to place it around the banana tree.

In this case, you also need another thing that helps in destroy ants after cornmeal is taken away.

In some cases, a certain amount of ants remain.

To solve this problem, you use jiffy sweet, and they take it to a place where the nest and kill the colony.

Every time you should keep this jiffy in your pantry.

It is terrific and helpful.

Every spring, new colonies get to come and apply it at that time.

Unless rain comes, applying a second time during spring is very helpful.

Ants never digest this and its queen; all the colonies get destroy.

It is safe for everyone, such as children, all pets, and a good environment.


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Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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