how to use ghee for weight loss

Ghee is important for health, whether it get from adding to eating food or for medical use. Main point is how to use ghee for weight loss.

It consists of many ingredients, which is beneficial for the health of the body.

Ghee which obtained from cow’s milk and made at home, contain important nutrients.

If you take more amount of this Ghee which is with saturated fats, make the body unhealthy.

Due to which many experts regarding this suggesting not to take more than 2-3 spoon a day.

But there are some ingredients in Ghee that are important in case of losing belly fat and weight.

Many people do not know how to make weight loss with the help of homemade Ghee.

Everyone believes that Ghee is for fatness.

how to use Ghee for weight loss

Below is the reason of the ingredients present in ghee play an essential role in weight loss.

1) The key point of weight loss is digestion. If the digestion is good, then your weight gets loss easily. If you add a small amount of Ghee to your food, make better stimulation and digestion of the body.

2)It consists of fatty acid omega three, which helps decrease the fat level, which indirectly helps in weight loss.

3)Many study and research suggested that it mobilizes the cells of fat to get more energy, which results in a decrease in the body’s mass.

4)Due to amino acid present in Ghee helps in shrinking the size of fat cells

5)It helps in decrease in inflammation, which further result in a loss in weight.

Ghee benefits Ayurveda

It is advised from Ayurveda that taking little hot milk with a spoon of Ghee helps in constipation.

Due to constipation, there is chances of gain in weight and bloating.

So it is better always to keep Ghee at home to get a cure for constipation.

ghee benefits ayurveda
ghee benefits ayurveda

For better digestion, always use Ghee in eating food.

It improve digestion of food and makes free from ill and cure from many diseases.

Ghee is the best antioxidants and helps in minerals and vitamins absorption.

It increases the body immunity level and helps in improving eyes health, brings glowness on skin.

Ghee is also good for improving asthma and haemorrhoids.

In the body, the size of the fat cells is reduced due to amino acid in Ghee.

Ghee uses the stored cells of fat for burning for the energy exchange. This helps in getting the loss in weight at a faster rate.

How to eat Ghee

In everyday meal you can add 1 or 2 tbsps of Ghee in you eating food is good for your health.

Due to this, the food glycemic index is controlled and help maintain the sugar level of the blood.

Add Ghee in milk which helps in case of improving the digestive problem in the body.

It is good to intake this when food is not digested properly and stomach pain.

You can also take the Ghee with warm water during the morning period, which helps joints lubricate and make hair silkier.

Due to this, the skin gets a glow and reduce the moisturizes.

It also helps in guts, lubrication and removing toxins from the body.

How to make Ghee in the morning

It is very good for health to take Ghee in the morning every day.

You can take 1 to 2 spoon of Ghee with a little warm water everyday morning.

It helps in improving many health problems such as metabolic rate, better digestion of food and solve skin problems.

The problem of guts lubrication also gets solved.

Constipation problem also gets cure.

Does Ghee increase belly fat?

Yes, Ghee increases the fat of the belly if they take Ghee in large amount via milk or eating food.

But, if you take Ghee at the actual amount will not increase the rate of belly fat.

Please take Ghee in the morning with an empty stomach.

It improve your digestive system problem and many other health issues.

Olive oil vs Ghee for weight loss

Olive oil

The olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the tree called an olive tree.

It consists of ingredients that are excellent bits of help in weight loss.

The fresh fat extracted from the fruit is better if boosting the minerals and vitamins present in olives.

Olive oil is with fatty acid which keeps your sugar level maintained and healthy heart, also help in a loss in weight.

With the help of fatty acid, it improve the mobility of food inside the stomach and due to which food gets digested easily.

Good digestion of food results in a better loss in weight of the body.


Ghee is obtained from milk butter. It is then heated at high temperature till residue get separated from milk. Mostly it gets separated with the help of a cloth.

Due to this, Actual fat gets removed from the Ghee.

It also contains many nutrients, due to which there is an increase in the body’s immunity level.

Ghee contains digestive soluble fat vitamins such as A, K, D, and K, which helps in body weight loss.

Similarly, a fatty acid called omega-six helps in the loss of fat.

In this, Ghee plays an important role in weight loss using its important minerals, nutrients.

Is buffalo ghee good for weight loss?

No, buffalo ghee is good in case of body weight gain.

It increases the stamina of the body and produces more energy.

Buffalo ghee is good for people who want to weight gain.

Mostly for weight loss, cow ghee is used.

Cow ghee is with a fatty acid, which helps in improve the digestive system; further, it results in weight loss.

FAQ: Frequently asked question

Does Ghee burn belly fat?

Yes, Many researcher studies say that ghee burn fats present belly with the help of cells of fat which get mobilize and produce energy, further result in a loss in weight.

Is Ghee good for weight loss?

Yes, if you take a limited quantity near about 1 to 2 tbsps, add to food every day or use warm water or milk. It due to fatty acid, which is present in Ghee.

Which Ghee is best for weight loss?

Mostly Cow ghee is preferred by an adult for weight loss. If you want to gain weight, then buffalo ghee is good for it. It is consistent with a fatty acid, which helps in weight gain.

Does Ghee make you fat?

Yes, if you take Ghee in more amount with food, milk. Buffalo Ghee mostly result in weight gain.

Can I eat Ghee at night?

There is no specific time eating Ghee. You can eat Ghee at any time. It is good for health due to various benefit.

Does eating Ghee makes skin glow?

Yes. Eating Ghee bring glowness on the skin and also helps to cure of skin problem.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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