8 Remedies To Immediate Constipation Relief Adults

Immediate Constipation Relief Adults : Many People find themself difficulty in going to toilet.There are many good remedies and methods to get fast relief from constipation. In this article you will going to see some imporatant home remedies and tips to get instant relief in case of adult for constipation problem.

It is very much helpfull and you will notice some changes by applying it.First one of the important thing, if you notice a shift in your routine You shouldn’t be worried. If you make small changes, you’re likely to see yourself returning to your normal routine.

8 Best Home Remedies To Immediate Constipation Relief Adults

Consuming more foods high in fibre can help prevent constipation. However, be aware that if constipation occurs as a consequence due to Colitis or Crohns disease, increasing your fibre consumption may have a negative impact – in the event of doubt consult your GP prior to making any adjustments on your eating habits.

Immediate Constipation Relief Adults

There are mainly two types of fibres one is insoluble and and another one is soluble. Important regarding Soluble fibre is that it breaks down within the intestines and forms the form of a gel that assists in making the food to flow through in the digestive tract. Insoluble fibre cannot be dissolvable and is absorbed by the intestines, but is not absorbed it, which can increase the volume of the bowel movements, and also helps lessen constipation.

Every have a question of how to empty in every morning your bowl. If you need a relief from constipation, below are remedies helps you from constipation.

1.Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Drink one glass of water with the juice of a half lemon prior to the bed and after you wake up. You might want to drink it by straw or as you wish to like, as you may notice your teeth becoming sensitive after a routine drinking session of lemon water. It is very much helpful in case of constipation

2.Olive oil

Olive oil

A spoonful of olive oil at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach could aid in the flow of stool through the digestive tract. The oil functions as a lubricant within the digestive system , making it easier for solids to pass through. It also softens the stool which makes it easier to pass through.

3.Prune Juice

Prune Juice

The most conventional remedies for constipation. Prune juice is not as fibrous of dried fruit, however both are rich in sorbitol, which is laxative.

4.Stewed Apricots

Stewed Apricots

Cut the apricots into half. In a saucepan, add 3-4 spoons of brown sugar. Add the two teaspoons of water, and switch to low-medium heat. Cook until the mixture begins to soften, then remove the heat and put the lid closed to cool. They are great to eat for breakfast, and are delicious with granola and yogurt.



There are many reasons to drink plenty of water. The goal of drinking 2.5 lit or 12 glass every day will guarantee that you’re replenishing your system and helping break down any food items that are in your digestive tract. Hot water is great for relaxing the stomach and promoting your peristaltic system.

6.Hot drinks

Hot drinks

while we all take a cup of coffee or tea for a quick refreshment or a pick-me-up however, they can cause diuretic effects. Diuretics can increase the amount of urine produced which means we need to use the bathroom more frequently than normal. Be aware of this while drinking coffee to stimulate a move. Tea and Coffee function similarly as hot water in that heat aids to dissolve solids.

7.Avoid foods that have a lots of fat

Avoid foods that have a lots of fat

It has a tough to process fat. Particularly with Western diets and a gallbladder that produces bile (the material that very much helpful in breaking the fat) is stretched to its limits. It’s going to do the whole body good to reduce consumption of chips and burgers.



If you’ve ever felt the need to relieve yourself and found yourself in the toilet but were unable to go, you might be able to find changing the positioning of your toilet useful. You must be calm, and don’t push it, as this can cause injuries. Keep your knees above your hips, and have an upright back. It may be helpful to have a stool inside the bathroom. If the time is right and you are ready, tighten the stomach to increase movement instead of the rectum.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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