lower back pain after playing basketball

Many men and women suffer from lower back pain after playing basketball. This type of injuries usually happen because a player jumps right into the action.

Jumping into a game is a wonderful way for gamers to warm up their muscles and prepare for an intense game.

Unfortunately, jumping into a game puts all the strain on the back.

Not only does the player put pressure on their backbone, but they also put unnecessary strain on their other body parts.

Let’s have look at the topic of lower back pain after playing basketball

  • When you have played basketball in the past or are going to play, you need to be cautious about your back.
  • Jumping on your feet is a common injury that most players get in the back while dunking or making lay-ups.
  • You should take care of your back before you play another touch of the basketball court.
lower back pain after playing basketball
lower back pain after playing basketball

back injury

Before you ever play another touch of the basketball court, you need to have some form of preventative back injury prevention.

As an example, if you are just going to start playing basketball, then you are more prone to injuries than someone who has been playing the game for years. They put all the force on their own legs, which may lead to serious injury later on.

lower back pain after jumping

Jumping onto a hardwood surface can also result in injury. Most floors in a gym aren’t solid enough to support a person leaping without falling.

Whenever you’re doing drills on the court, try to use an area of the floor that simulates what would happen if you were actually jumping onto a hardwood flooring.

Try practicing for a moment or two on a floor that is not solid.

You will see that your legs will be less inclined to hurt if you’re only moving around on the hardwood surface.

Another way to stop lower back pain after playing basketball is to get a excellent ergonomic trainer.

These coaches are designed with a purpose of making sure that your body is as strong as possible so that it doesn’t suffer an injury.

They’ll help to develop core muscles and also help to keep your posture correct.

An ergonomic trainer should be used when you are playing basketball, but also can be utilized at home.

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Conclusion :

Having the ability to move properly around the home can be very hard, but having a trainer that can help you maintain your proper positioning can be immensely helpful.

Getting up from a sitting position to stand and walk round can take a lot of power in your legs. If you are just moving around the home, then you will not be putting in as much power.

You will not be strengthening your legs like you would if you were playing basketball, and the same theory applies to resting after basketball activities as well.

Get an ergonomic trainer that can help you exercise your lower back muscles each day so that they don’t become injured during any athletic activity.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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