Which is better to gain Weight banana and eggs or weight gainer supplement

Which is better to gain Weight Banana and eggs or weight gainer supplement? Both Banana and Egg is a good health food.

Everything is free to eat in case of weight gain.

Banana Egg is a good source of vitamins and minerals for gain weight.

It is clinically proven regarding both food helps in case of weight gain.

It is also an essential intake of calories for weight gain.

Many are consuming Bananas and Eggs in bulk, and everyday intake does not help everyone gain weight.

Which is better to gain Weight, banana and eggs or weight gainer supplement.
Which is better to gain Weight, banana and eggs or weight gainer supplement.

In this case, everyone who is planning to gain weight should make a proper diet plan.

You should know your rate of metabolism.

In this case, you should also not rush for junk food intake; further, it will negatively impact the body.

But both the food called Banana and eggs play a vital role in case weight gain.

Which is better to gain Weight Banana and eggs or weight gainer supplement?

Banana Vs Eggs: Good Weight Gainer Foods and Immune Booster.

banana for weight gain

The Banana helps in gaining weight if you intake more in amount without doing exercise.

It is considered a fruit with a large number of calories.

One Banana contains about 100 calories.

Banana Vs Eggs: Good Weight Gainer Foods and Immune Booster.
Banana Vs Eggs: Good Weight Gainer Foods and Immune Booster.

It is an instant source of energy and also consists of a carbohydrate-rich amounts.

You can consume Banana as a banana shake and smoothies.

So you can eat near about 5-6 bananas for weight gain.

It consists of nutrients, calories, and carbs, which is gaining weight.

A banana of medium size you will get near about 118gm consist with nutrients such as fat, calories, vitamins B6 and Manganese.

eggs for weight gain

The egg is a great protein-rich and healthy food regarding weight gain.

It consists of protein, good nutrients, and many minerals and helps give instant energy, which is needed to be energetic every time.

You can eat egg by making an excellent tasty omelet, and you can intake via fry or scramble.

raw eggs for weight gain

Raw eggs provide a small number of calories which helps in gaining weight.

There is much food that provides calories, so simply drinking raw eggs will not help in weight gain.

According to research studies, it is recommended not to take raw eggs too much because there are chances to get ill and other side effects.

A moderate amount of raw eggs calories helps in gaining weight.

It consists of the nutrients, riboflavin, and other essential vitamins such as vitamin D, which helps gain weight.

banana vs egg for weight gain

One of the important things regarding weight gain is anything will going to help you in gaining weight. It is adding calories extra.

More calories food will help you to get weight gain faster and easier.

So it is good and great if you add food to your diet which provides more calories.

More calories in food result in more weight gain.

Now the question of banana vs egg for weight gain

An important point regarding eggs is that they provide low calories.

Due to low calories, it takes more time as compared to other weight gain food. But it does means that you should not add the egg to your diet plan to gain weight.

Banana contains more calories and more carbs. It will help you to gain weight faster as compared to eggs and many other foods, fruits.

You can take a banana with milk by making it shake or it eats banana directly.

For getting weight gain fast you can create a daily plan which helps you to add extra calories.

raw egg vs boiled egg for weight gain

By eating raw eggs, you will not get all available protein and other minerals.

You will get only near about less amount of available nutrients from the raw eggs.

In this case, boiled eggs are better.

From the boiled, you can get 98% of all the protein and Vitamin.

So it is good to intake cooked, boiled eggs for rich protein and calories for weight gain.

The case of raw eggs has a particular downside as compared to a boiled egg.

The downside(problem) regarding raw egg is lacking digestion, absorption of less protein, and a chance of bacterial infection.

best time to eat Banana to gain weight

Banana is healthy to consume for good health.

It is straightforward to consume.

It has lots of benefits and value in the case of a healthy body.

You can take Banana by making banana shake using milk and other nutrients fruits.

Most health experts and doctors recommend taking the Banana in the morning with breakfast to remain energized throughout an entire day.

Banana increases the immune level of the body and increases the metabolism rate of your body.

So It is recommended to always add one Banana to the morning diet for good health.

best way to eat eggs for weight gain

If anyone is planning to gain Weight, Egg plays a vital role in weight gain due to its minerals and vitamins.

In the case of eggs, the yolk part of the egg is good for health and weight gain.

Some the people not like, the yolk part of the egg.

The yolk part is vital in case of weight gain.

Eat eggs done in various ways such as frying, boiled egg by cooking, or taking a raw egg.

But raw egg has some downside.

It is good to eat boiled because it provides rich protein and all required vitamins and minerals.

Make sure the mixing of the egg is done correctly before boiling the egg.

This helps make the yolk and white part of the egg combine well, and it then helps in a gain of mass.

supplements for weight gain for females

3 Best Supplements to Gain weight

It is an overall goal for every weight loss.

But some people want to weight gain.

Weight gain is straightforward by eating different types of suitable healthy fruits and foods.

But it takes times in weight gain as compared to weight gain by taking supplements.

Here are the three supplements which help in gaining muscles and weight.

1) Protein Supplement for Weight Gain

Many people know that protein is considered an essential component for the muscles.

According to the researcher, various studies show that due to exercise with taking supplements, gain muscle and weight gain quickly.

So many adults added it into their diet.

All protein supplements have their pros and cons, so it is recommended to advice health experts or personal doctors before taking any protein supplement.

2) Creatine Supplement for Weight Gain

Creatine Supplement plays a prominent role in the case of weight gain.

It is found in the form of molecule in cells of the body, and you will also get from many of the foods.

When this is taken as a supplement, it increases creatine level in muscles compared to an average level.

It has many essential functions in the body.

It increases the energy level in the body, further result in weight gain.

In this way, creatine helps in gain weight.

3) Weight Gainers Supplement for Weight Gain.

To weight gain, it is necessary to take more amount of calories.

You will get all the calories using supplement weight gainers.

Different people have different stamina for intake of this supplement.

So it is the advice of health experts to take this supplement.

Is boiled egg good for weight gain?

Yes, boiled egg is good for weight gain.

Both the white and yellow yolk of the egg is essential for weight gain.

The yellow yolk part of the egg plays a vital role in case of weight gain.

It consists of all vital protein and vitamins, which helps in weight gain.

how to gain weight with Banana and milk

Both Banana and milk help make the body healthy and gain weight due to their rich nutrients and minerals.

Banana increases the metabolism rate and improves digestion in the body, further resulting in weight gain.

You can eat Banana every day in the morning with your breakfast, or you can take it with milk.

You have to mix the Banana with milk called banana milkshakes full of Vitamin and minerals, which helps in weight gain.

raw egg with milk for weight gain

The Weight gain in the body depends on the number of calories you take.

More amount of calories a day increase weight.

So the more amount of milk and raw egg helps in gain weight.

More amount of raw egg may give rise to digestion problem and other ill effects.

According to your health stamina, it is better to take advice from health experts regarding the amount of raw egg and milk.

Both are a good source of rich protein and vitamins, which helps in gain weight.

How many boiled eggs should I eat a day to gain weight?

It mainly depends on how much is the current weight of your body.

It also depends on the type of weight you want to gain.

If you want to gain weight without emphasis on the growth of the muscle.

Then you can eat more amount boiled egg throughout the day along with good healthy food rich in protein and vitamins.

Add starchy carbohydrate to your daily diet to gain weight at a fast rate.

If you are new in the training of weight and want to gain weight and muscle growth.

Then every day, you have to eat 8-12 egg white and 2-3 whole eggs to gain weight.

If you are a seriously advanced weight lifter and want to get an increase in weight at a faster rate, then you should have to eat more eggs.

It would be best to eat nearly about 20 to 35 eggs and enough amount of proteins rich foods such as chicken.

If you have some question, then you can consult with some health experts regarding weight gain.

which part of the egg is good for weight gain

Both parts of the egg are suitable for the gain in weight.

Most health experts say that throw the egg yolk if you want to lose weight.

But, he central yellow yolk part plays a vital role in weight gain.

It consists with rich in protein which helps in gain in weight.

It helps in providing healthy fats to the body.

best way to eat eggs for muscle building

To eat the food, raw or cooked, depends on the food which you consume.

The best way to eat egg depends on the more amount of nutrients and protein we get it from them for muscle building.

Whenever we cooked the food, we lose the amount of nutrient in food during heating.

During cooking of food(Egg), we lose a small amount of nutrient, which is not a complete requirement for muscle building and gain in weight.

It is more suitable for the muscle builder to eat eggs raw.

From the raw egg, you will get mostly all the nutrient which is required for muscle building.

Raw Egg is rich in protein.

The more you take, the more you gain weight.

Many people also take supplement regarding muscle growth and weight increase.

But before taking any supplement, It is the advice of health experts for good health.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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