Write all vitamins name which we should have in our healthy diet

To Write all vitamins name which we should have in our healthy diet is help use every time.

Vitamins are good for every Person to remain always healthy, fit and fine.

To work the body properly, it is necessary to take a small number of nutrients.

This healthy nutrient you will get from all the vitamins.

Let’s Write all vitamins name which we should have in our healthy diet (Include Minerals).

Many people get all the necessary amount of Vitamins in proportion to a well balanced healthy diet.

But there are few Person who needs to intake supplements for it.

For good health and a better rate of metabolism, many different Vitamins are required.

Write all vitamins name which we should have in our healthy diet 2021
Write all vitamins name which we should have in our healthy diet 2021

The Important Work of the Vitamin is to metabolize different nutrients for producing energy for the body.

The main source of Vitamin is obtained for good, healthy and fresh vegetable.

There are two types of Vitamins, and it is differentiated according to its solubility.

One Vitamin is Fat Soluble, A, D, E, and stored to produce good energy in the body.

It consists of hydrogen, oxygen used in maintaining a well balanced healthy body.

The other Vitamin are water-soluble such as nitrogen and also sulpher.

The Soluble Vitamin also include vitamin C and a group of vitamin B.

The Group of Vitamin B includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12.

These Vitamin are not stored in the body.

This Vitamin B group also have other names.

The other name are vitamin-B1(thiamine), Vitamin-B2(riboflavin), Vitamin-B3(niacin),
Vitamin-B5(pantothenic acid), Vitamin-B6(pyridoxine), Vitamin-B7(biotin), Vitamin-B9(folic acid).

Beneifits of Vitamins

This all Vitamin helps in the digestion of food, and it is used in case of converting carbohydrates, all type of fats into energy.

Then, it metabolizes all form of nutrients for producing antibodies which help in boosting immunity.

It helps to cure many different types of diseases.

Vitamin helps strengthen different cells, bind all types of tissues, form bones, and produce good blood cells.

Each Group of Vitamin has a specific purpose and important functions.

Vitamin A helps increase the rate of immunity, brings glowness in the skin, and makes good vision.

All the Vitamin of B group helps in case of different type of function.

It is responsible for RNA and, in the case of production, required health protein and DNA.

Vitamin C helps in many cases, such as maintaining all the blood vessel and curing many skin problems and diseases and increasing the body’s immune level.

The calcium level in the body is maintained by Vitamin D and helps prevent the loss of bone.

The main role of Vitamin E in the body is to protect from the damage of tissue with the help of free radicals.

Vitamin K is metabolism in the case of bones and blood clotting.

Deficiency regarding all vitamins

Due to lack of Vitamin A causes night blindness and affect a different kind of skin problems.

The problem of cramps in the legs, muscle weakness and other related to digestive problems occur due to lack of Vitamin B1.

Due to deficiency of B2 Vitamin occur ulcers in the mouth, tongue problem.

If it is not sufficient for Vitamin B3, you will chance of causing pellagra.

The Skin related problem decreases in immunity level, and the mental problem is due to insufficient Vitamin B6.

Due to lesser the amount of B5 Vitamin causes reproduction and all body processes.

Vitamin B12 deficiency affecting anaemia.

The scurvy is due to vitamins C and D.

You feel weak, and the vision-related problem is due to deficiency of Vitamin E.

Vitamin K leads to a gastrointestinal bleeding problem.

Vitamin supplements

It gets easily absorbed if you are going to take it with food.

The Supplements of Vitamin easily meet the deficiency in the diet.

It is very simple, good, and inexpensive to get all Vitamin for the body.

The Basics of Vitamins

The Vitamins are also called micro-nutrient.

This micro-nutrient is required in small proportion and is essential to the body.

It is getting very quickly by eating healthy vegetable food, or you can get it from supplements.

The main work of this micronutrient is to synthesize and provide energy to the complete body.

The synthesizing process is done by most bacteria, yeast, and many species of the plant.

Vitamin such as B5 was found due to synthesizing process by bacteria, which is present in the intestine of humans.

Most of the Vitamins are required mainly for the biological process by the body.

The living things such as all type of plant and animals, you will get natural vitamins.

There is also will found synthesized artificial vitamins.

All the different Vitamins are found in various quantities from various sources of food such as cooked eggs, and also you will get from wheat bran.

From citrus fruit and milk, you will get Vitamin C.

From legumes and healthy leafy vegetables, you will get folic acid.

Many people do not get the Vitamin that they required.

This results in a deficiency of vitamins in the body and getting affected by various dangerous diseases.

The best sources of Vitamin you will get from healthy and fresh leafy vegetables.

You can also get vitamins at a fast rate from supplements.

Many of the supplements are available in the market at a meager price.

Make sure or consult with your home doctor before taking any supplements.

Many of the supplements also have side effects, which result in other types of allergies and infection.

Disclaimer : Above points given is simple informative advice only please consult with a professional or your doctor to understand every thing in a detail before applying any treatment or any diagnosis.
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